WorldatWork Classes

WorldatWork classes give you the opportunity to learn more about the field of Total Rewards and also count for various WorldatWork certifications. PTRA organizes several classes per year, and classes directly organized by WorldatWork can also be taken. 

Please click here to learn more about WorldatWork certifications.

WorldatWork Education, Membership and Products

We are proud to be a member of the WorldatWork Local Network. Together with WorldatWork, we are committed to your professional development and invite you to purchase WorldatWork courses, Blended Learning courses, E-Learning courses, webinars, conferences and membership at a discounted rate. If you are also a member of WorldatWork you will get the deepest discount. 

To register for a WorldatWork class or to learn about all of WorldatWork's educational offerings, click here or call 877-951-9191. 

You will be required to login on the WorldatWork website . If you do not have a login ID and password or you are not sure, please select the “forgot password” option at the top right of the screen and input the same email address you used for your local network membership. WorldatWork will email your ID and password so you may login and take advantage of offers and discounts.

The World at Work classes have been transitioned to an E-Learning Course format and the PTRA refers you to the World-at-Work offered courses.